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This video shows what NOT to do ! Jiu Jitsu is not MMA !



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Belt Rank- part 2 https://www.jiujitsupictures.com/blog/2013/5/belt-rank--part-2  

As a black belt in BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU, you can understand the finer principles of the sport; you should be able to spar with anyone using technique as the focal point, and you are able to understand or at least adapt to any style before you. Black belt is a goal for many, but when reached it is just the beginning of understanding the deeper aspects of BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU. A black belt typically will not change their whole style—they will likely become more efficient at their style and should be able to adapt and change when necessary. A black belt should be able to independently examine their game and the game of another with a higher level of understanding. A white belt may look at two black belts sparring and see two whole bodies moving, while a black belt may see the details of individual hand or a foot placement or look deeper into the strategy at hand. 

Each school or affiliation's belt ranking test will vary to some degree. Some schools may also want you to know street self-defense principles. Belts don't matter to some people but to many others they do. Belts can be a form of currency for instructors and their programs. What I mean by this is that, generally speaking, most want to learn any type of martial art from a black belt and ultimately would like to become a black belt himself or herself. Having a higher belt will typically earn you more students. Yet, it does not necessarily matter what belt you are when you are on the mat—everyone is measured by skill. So, to finally answer this age old question regarding how long it takes to get a black belt: it will take you likely between six and twelve years depending on your affiliation and your dedication level.

One more consideration that should be highlighted is competition. Some affiliations want their students to compete and may rank students according to how well they do at certain competitions. I do not believe this is essential, but it certainly can be a factor depending on your program's criteria.

There may be rituals or ceremonies at your BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU program upon receiving your belt and moving up in rank. Some affiliations may conduct a positive speech about the student and talk about why they deserve to be at the rank they have been awarded. As crazy as this may sound, some schools have a procedure where they will whip you with a belt as you go down a line of people in a group. This resembles something known as a 'Gauntlet.' More and more academies are making curriculums rather than relying on an instructor's discretion and will have you perform a set of movements to test your efficiency and knowledge and thereafter you may receive your belt in ceremonial fashion. I would not spend too much time concerning yourself on what belt rank you are, just worry about learning and getting better at BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU. But again, do as you choose—sometimes motivation such as a belt may give you incentive to become better.

In No Gi, belts may not be awarded. Some No Gi programs may also offer a rash guard according to the BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU belt system. In terms of attire for No Gi, tight fitting shorts and short or long sleeve shirts can be worn. More typically, a long or short sleeve rash guard will be worn on top, similar to a surfing rash guard. For your bottom, you will likely wear grappling shorts, which are similar to beach board shorts. Specific grappling shorts often allow for crotch room or elasticity to move around and not rip your shorts. You cannot grab clothing in No Gi grappling, so sleek fitting clothes work well. Some will also wear sweat pants or Gi pants while grappling in No Gi. It seems some schools are trending to make you wear their own attire for uniformity.

Never ask for a belt from your instructor. This is often seen as begging and can get more time tacked on depending on who you ask. If you want to talk about rank with your instructor, it is okay to ask them what they look for in a particular belt so you can understand their criteria or what you should be seeking in terms of your development. Trust that you chose an instructor who is there to help you advance. Trust if you are not getting your belts right away that your instructor understands what it takes and see areas where you need progress. There is usually a lot more that goes into getting a rank/belt than just knowing techniques and "beating" your sparring partners. You have to use the techniques correctly and transition with fluidity. Earning your belt is good, but caring about learning and progressing while earning your belt is even better.

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Belt Rank - part 1 https://www.jiujitsupictures.com/blog/2013/5/belt-rank---part-1

Belt rank and/or belt grading in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu may differ along some lines. Commonly the belt color and rank scheme goes as follows: white, blue, purple, brown, and black. Black/Red (coral) and Red Belts are nothing you have to be immediately concerned about; they are handed out many years after you receive your black belt. Some schools offer other belts in between white and blue, depending on their particular program's criteria or at the instructor's discretion. Kids' belt colors differ and you will have to see exactly what your school's kids' curriculum offers. According to one governing body recommendation, the IBJJF, a blue belt cannot be given unless you are sixteen years of age, you cannot receive a purple belt until you reach sixteen, a brown belt until eighteen, and a black belt cannot be given until you reach the age of nineteen.

In between each color of belt levels are what are commonly called "stripes." Stripes are usually a piece of medical/sport tape your instructor will give out from time to time by wrapping it around the width of your belt. You can get one or a few at a time depending on your skill level and your instructor's discretion, or the criteria of your specific program. Four stripes are typically needed before you can advance to the next level belt level.

A common question is "How many years does it take to get a black belt?" First, there are different ways to test for each belt depending on your program; formal testing is becoming more commonplace as the sport continues to grow. A formal test may consist of a set of movements or drills that you may need to memorize and perform to near perfection. A test may consist of sparring with your fellow classmates or both sparring and demonstrating techniques. As you move through the ranks, standards often rise.

Many say a white belt is a like a newborn to the sport. A white belt may be developing body awareness, remembering names of positions, recognizing positions, finding balance within positions, and developing survival skills.

A blue belt starts to get a more comfortable handle on the positions and should be able to do better than the majority of white belts while sparring, provided they are of a similar weight range. Technical ability should increase and overtake natural instincts. A well-seasoned blue belt should be able to handle a brand new beginner quite easily.

When you reach the purple belt stage, you should be at a point where you know and understand the positions and techniques and have come to your own understandings to develop your own "game." You should be able to teach basic techniques efficiently to other students. A purple belt will typically demonstrate a recognizable superiority to white belts and most newer blue belts.

A brown belt is the stage where you have developed your style to the point where you can enforce it upon another of lower rank and effectively test a black belt's level while sparring. Many will not be able to differentiate between a brown belt and a black belt; their differences are usually more mental than physical. A black belt will usually have more time and study in the sport than a brown belt. Typically a black belt will spar more smoothly than a brown belt.

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Ultimate Absolute 2 - NYC https://www.jiujitsupictures.com/blog/2012/3/ultimate-absolute-2---nyc  

So for the first post of  Jiu Jitsu Pictures Blog I decided that would be about the best competition  I’ve been in a long time :



World’s best grapplers.One mat. Sixteen men. One winner. U$ 10,000 cash prize.  That sounded so good to me so I headed to NYC to cover the event.  Sick line-up : Celso Vinicius, Ryan Hall, Justin Rader, Renan Borges, Samuel Braga, Bruno Malfacine, Wilson Reis among others.

The location couldn’t be better , right across from the Madison Square Garden and limited sitting. One might think that U$ 150,00 is expensive for a ticket BUT first row in a tournament with high level grapplers AND all you can eat food  ( fruit, cheese,charcuterie, dessert ) is a no brainer. You get to watch live , very close to those guys.  I had a hard time photographing and trying to pay attention at the same time and  in the end I’m glad I was there to witnessed an incredible display of skills. 


Thanks Rob Constance and crew  ! Awesome event !


I’ll definitely go back.

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